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Introducing the Website Optimization Strategy Assistant

A GPT for SEO, UX & CRO Strategy

I started toying around with ChatGPT as soon as it was introduced in the fall of 2022. Off the bat, it seemed like an incredibly useful assistant for all forms of work, and it wasn’t long before I found myself turning to it almost daily for help getting started, improving, or speeding up my work in SEO.

Recently I decided to take the full plunge and upgrade to a ChatGPT Plus subscription. The first thing I dove into was creating my own GPT, one with a focus on website optimization strategy across the three core elements: search visibility, user experience, and conversion optimization.

I’ve named this tool the Website Optimization Strategy Assistant, or WOSA. 

Let’s start with an introduction in WOSA’s own words.

Since ChatGPT and AI in general exploded a little under a year and a half ago, I’ve been a part of the growing crowd that believes these tools and advancements have tremendous potential to enhance the work I do, as well as the work of those with whom I frequently collaborate.

I’ve set WOSA up with conversation starters that are intended to be a balance of general tasks mixed with your own custom needs for SEO, UX and/or CRO.

The conversation starters are also intended to help users at different stages of their website optimization strategy. For example, if you’re set for keywords but need guidance with a content strategy around them, you can dive right in.

Feel free to play around with the WOSA GPT yourself and see what kinds of insights it can offer.

As a final note, this GPT is very much an ongoing work in progress and likely will be for some time, so I’m very open to any feedback, questions, or ideas you’d like to throw my way.

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